Buying & Selling with Waupaca Realty

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Selling With Waupaca Realty

Determine Your Property's Value


You want to know how much you can get for your home or land, but the value is not a fixed matter. Factors include location, condition, other properties that have sold in the area, the time of year and more. Let us provide a CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, and show you the true current value of your home or land. It's the professional and most accurate way to set the correct asking price.




"Curb appeal" matters, but it doesn't stop there. Completing necessary repairs, neutral decorating, and a thorough cleaning will make your home appeal to buyers. We can offer honest suggestions to help you make these decisions in a timely manner.

Marketing Your Home


Putting your home on the market is a multi-step process, and Waupaca Realty can make it easy. From carefully explaining the contracts and documents, to marketing your home with a yard sign, on our website and others sites like, to local advertising and placement in MLS, your Waupaca Realty agent will take care of it all.





You and your Waupaca Realty agent will review offers together and find just the right qualified buyer for your home. Our agents have many years of experience and will work hard for you to put it all together.

It's Closing Day!


Trust us to guide you all the way through the closing process from start to finish.


Buying With Waupaca Realty

Decide How Much You Can Afford



Let your Waupaca Realty agent help you get started with your home search. Determining a price range is essential to begin your search for the right home or land to best suit your needs and budget. Getting pre-approved with a lender is another terrific idea. As long time area residents, our agents can offer suggestions that can get you started in the right direction.


House or Condo? City or Country?


There are so many wonderful options in the Waupaca area and surrounding communities. Do you like to walk to local shops, restaurants, library and more? Perhaps you prefer the quiet of a country setting or only a waterfront home will make your dreams come true. Our website is a great place to start your search online and our agents are happy to meet with you to assist in narrowing the field and answering your questions.

Writing An Offer



You've found it! Now what? Writing an offer can be complicated; your Waupaca Realty agent will explain every step and guide you all the way. Our knowledgeable agents will do their best and use their negotiation skills to get your offer accepted.

So Many Details


Earnest money? Home inspections? Title insurance? Unfamiliar terms can make you feel overwhelmed. Not to worry! Let the professionals at Waupaca Realty explain them all and offer the wisdom of their experience that will help you make the right choices for you and your family

It's Closing Day!


Trust us to guide you all the way through the closing process, and soon you will have the keys to your new home in hand!